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Video Works, 2005 - 2014

May 2020, Gabriel Klasmer

2020, 4'

Short visit to Gabriel Klasmer's Jerusalem studio in May 2020. 

Commissioned by the Tel Aviv Museum, Israel


2011, 8'50"

ProlongGone created by Gabriel Klasmer & Shira Klasmer was first commissioned as a 360 degree video art for Ron Arad’s ‘Curtain Call’ instillation at the Roundhouse, London in August 2011. In 2012 it was installed at the Israel museum as part of Ron Arad 720° as part of Jerusalem Cultural season, and in 2016 at the Singapore International Festival of Art (SIFA), Singapore.

ProlongGone was part of an instillation. The work was projected onto a 360 degree screen made of 6500 silicon rods suspended from a height of 8 meters. Projection could be seen from inside and outside the circle, and the audience could interact with the screen, and in turn with the video-art.

Sound composition by Tom Tlalim.

Out Of Thin Air (3D)

2012,  8′ on loop

(Best viewed with Anaglyph glasses)

This is Screen 1 from a two screen installation of 'Out of thin air'.  3D Anaglyph (red and cyan glasses needed) - intended for gallery installation as two separate screens. This is the third collaboration between Gabriel Klasmer and Shira Klasmer, This video is in reference to sculpture; the fragility, materiality and sense of volume. Out of darkness objects appear, caught by the flash of light, not as images but as realities, as presences of what only exists, in the imaginary field of vision between the left and right eye. 


Video installation exhibited:

2012: Gallery Givon, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 

2014: Helena Rubinstein Art Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

2015: Display Gallery, London 


2001,  6′14" on loop


This video was made to accompany an exhibition of Zero One paintings at Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. The video was projected within the show. The video documents the studio work and the process of painting by the artist. It reveals and conceals the link between the painting and the painting machine.



2002,  2′04" 

This video was made during the exhibition 'Assassin' at the Herzeliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel. The video explores the rotating stage which was in the middle of the gallery space and its relation to the three paintings on the wall.

Station - Transformation (performance)


This is a segment from approx an hour long performance that took place at the

Central Station, Tel Aviv, as part of a group exhibition. 

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